Strategic Subsidiaries

Falcon Group

The River Nile, which is nearly 650 meters wide in Aswan, includes an archipelago of picturesque islands.

Established in 2006 as a joint venture between CIB, the CIB Employees Fund, Al-Ahly for Marketing and other private entities, Falcon Group has since grown exponentially into a full-fledged security services company. The group’s main lines of business that operate as separate legal entities are Security Services, Cash in Transit, Technical Services and General Services and Properties Management.

The Group has been the main security service provider for several top-tier government and non-government organisations, such as the United Nations, and a number of embassies in Egypt. We value our clients as business partners, dedicated to providing them with the highest quality of service and treating their goals and objectives as our own. We strive to increase their competitive advantage by consistently exceeding expectations.

Falcon’s marketing plan for 2017 seeks to upgrade and develop our lines of service, specifically by targeting banks and other financial institutions, governmental bodies, tourism facilities and the construction sector. In addition, we are committed to safeguarding the wellbeing of our employees. We have created a fully functioning structure and utilised systematic procedures for identifying and minimising the risk of employee harm.


Falcon for Public Services and Project Management holds a market share of 18.5%, serving a large client base out of 295 different locations as of 2016. Our values help us drive our objectives and provide us with guidelines by which we achieve meaningful results in the project management sphere, providing our clients with the best possible services. The division succeeded in signing key contracts with several government agencies, such as for the Interior Ministry’s new building in New Cairo and for the site of the State Security at Nasr City / Cairo. We also renewed our cleaning contract with Orange Egypt for another three years, ending in 2019. Falcon for Security Services managed to sign security contracts with several prominent entities and embassies in 2016, including the Australian Embassy, UNHCR Office, the Belgian Embassy and the Indian Embassy. Falcon Group also established a new company named National Falcon, which secured a contract with Sharm El Sheikh Airport and plans to sign an agreement with Cairo Airport for security services using our fully trained security personnel.

Falcon for Security Services has a market share of 55%, serving a large client base out of 515 locations as of 2016.

Falcon’s Cash in Transit segment has a market share of 35.5% as of 2016. The segment services 133 clients with our top-notch services and our exemplary track record. The division signed five new contracts in 2016 and renewed our agreement with Emirates NBD. Also we increased the number ATMs served across our bank client network, hitting 1,010 ATMs served versus 800 last year. The segment saw the amount of transferred cash (Cash in Transit) climb to EGP 250 billion during the year after increasing the number of vehicles in our armored vehicle fleet.

Falcon’s Technical Services Division has a market share of 60% as of 2016. The division managed to sign contracts with numerous new clients during the year, including with Cairo Airport’s Technical Support System, the Egyptian Airport Authority, the Egypt Post Authority and the Interior Ministry.

2017 Goals

Falcon for Public Services and Project Management: In 2017, we plan to sign several important contracts with government agencies, such as the Alexandria Security Directorate, with prominent resort villages, like Marina and Marakia, and with top banks such as QNB, HSBC and Credit Agricole.

Falcon for Security Services: Our marketing plan for 2017 seeks to upgrade and develop our lines of service, specifically by targeting diplomatic institutions and more generally by developing segmented marketing strategies for every line of business.

We plan to restructure all security contracts in terms of payment to terminate any loss-making contracts and ensure we continue to improve our services.

Finally, we plan to further develop our strategy of safeguarding the well-being of our employees by continuing to improve the structures we employ to minimize employee risk.

Falcon’s Cash in Transit: We are looking to grow our market share during the year through many new business avenues, the most important of which is opening a new centre vault in Alexandria.

Falcon’s Technical Services Division: We plan to continue not only providing quality services, but improving our facilities and amenities in 2017. To date, the division is conducting research into the line of business to identify new opportunities and map out more specific goals for the year. Also we signed with Alsmahy for tactical gear authorization and STC authorization.