Community Development

Corporate Social Responsibility

About 30 pharaohs contributed to the buildings at Karnak Temple in Luxor, enabling it to reach a size, complexity and diversity not seen elsewhere.

2016 saw CIB continue to achieve significant milestones in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), further solidifying the Bank’s commitment to the betterment of society and creating a profound, positive impact on the lives of citizens.

Community Development

Over the last 12 months, CIB maintained its steadfast commitment to community development through diverse categories of CSR projects in the fields of art, culture and sport.

Student Cultural Trip to Cairo Opera House: In association with the“Friends of The Opera” association, CIB organised a cultural trip for 400 students from different public schools to attend Sergei Prokofiev’s composition “Peter and the Wolf,” performed by the Cairo Symphony Orchestra at the Cairo Opera House. The trip aimed to promote and nurture musical appreciation in the children.

KidZania: Throughout its partnership with KidZania, which began in 2013, CIB has been organising trips to the edutainment city for underprivileged children. Over the past 12 months, CIB organised four trips for 100 children with special needs, serious health conditions and those from underprivileged backgrounds to KidZania, under the supervision of the CIB Foundation. At KidZania, children enjoy an educational, entertaining experience by performing simulated jobs, such as firefighters, doctors, police officers, journalists and the like. CIB’s partnership with KidZania has also been a chance to raise banking awareness in the youth. The Bank has a mini-branch on the premises that allows children to perform different bank operations like writing cheques, issuing debit cards and depositing or withdrawing KidZos, the official currency of KidZania, from ATMs around the venue.

Autism: Children with autism and other disabilities have always been given the highest priority on CIB’s CSR agenda. This has been reflected in our long-term partnership with the ADVANCE Society for Persons with Autism and Other Disabilities and the Bank’s continuous contributions to its activities. In 2016, CIB continued to sponsor the society’s annual ceremony, which showcased rhythmic musical compositions performed by students. The concert serves as a platform from which awareness can be raised about the creative and expressive skills of children with disabilities, supporting their integration into society. Moreover, the Bank sponsored 2016’s World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) in Egypt, held annually in April worldwide, which witnessed the participation of more than 75 organisations specialised in the provision of services to those with learning disabilities and autism across the country.

Zawya: Through CIB’s partnership with Zawya, an art-house cinema founded by Misr International Films (MIF), the Bank sponsored the screening of the animated film “Hotel Transylvania 2” with live audio description for more than 150 visually impaired children from the schools of Taha Hussein, Mostafa Assaker and Alnour Wal Amal, in addition to the Fagr El Tanweer Association and Al-Markaz Al-Namoozagy for the Blind.

El Sawy Culture Wheel: In 2016, the Bank capitalised on 2015’s successful awareness campaign entitled “Financial Planning for Safer Future” and launched a second round of free seminars under the theme “Financial Inclusion.” CIB also continued its sponsorship of special screenings of documentary films, cultural nights, concerts and art exhibitions organised by El Sawy Culture Wheel.

Beena Initiative: CIB is the main partner and funder of “Beena”, a protocol signed with the Social Solidarity Ministry to encourage the active participation of youth in society, and to support and monitor the development of social care services. The initiative succeeded in attracting thousands of volunteers across Egypt, who implemented an effective mechanism for developing and monitoring the quality of services provided to different social care centres, such as orphanages, elderly homes and special-needs houses, a segment of society that is in dire need of adequate care and higher-quality services.

Sponsoring Art: Supporting art remains the core of CIB’s CSR agenda. We work to ensure the diversification of our channels to reach out to distinctive art talents across Egypt and into as many categories as possible. CIB’s numerous and varied art-centric sponsorships and activities led to the significant enrichment of the Bank’s private art collection.

Supporting Students of Fine Arts Faculties: The Bank continued to pave the way for more art students to realise their talents and receive adequate recognition for their art. This year, CIB’s reach included the acquisition of participants’ distinctive pieces, adding them to our private art collection to incentivise the young talents. Similarly, the Bank sponsored for the second consecutive year the art exhibitions of the faculties of Fine Arts at Alexandria and South Valley universities, targeting the same age-range of young artists.

Art Exhibitions: This year, CIB developed its already expansive strategy of supporting art exhibitions by extending support to individual exhibitions by young artists. The Bank acquired the finest pieces displayed at each exhibition to enrich its private art collection.

Cairo Symposium: Maintaining its exclusive position as the only bank in Egypt sponsoring every category of fine arts, CIB sponsored the second edition of the Cairo Symposium for Carving Iron Scrap, which was held in April 2016 at Mohamed Mahmoud Khalil Museum. The Bank has been sponsoring this magnificent art event since its launch in 2013 and acquired distinctive pieces added to CIB’s private art collection.

Art Salons: For the sixth consecutive year, CIB sponsored the annual Egyptian Youth Salon in collaboration with the Fine Arts Division at the Egyptian Culture Ministry, supporting trending artists under the age of 35.

CIB also sponsored for the second consecutive year the Upper Egypt Salon, which was held in Luxor in November 2016, in collaboration with South Valley University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. This not only extended the Bank’s geographical reach to untapped areas of Upper Egypt, but gave artists of various age brackets the opportunity to display their creative works.

Sponsoring the Egyptian Squash Federation: For more than five years, CIB has been sponsoring the Egyptian Squash Federation as part of the Bank’s belief that sports are an integral facet of shaping the minds and health of Egyptian youth. The Bank continued its support this year of young, talented athletes who represent the country in regional and international arenas. In 2016, the Bank further expanded this support to include less-fortunate children by launching the “Squash for Everyone” Initiative in partnership with Egyptian Squash National Teams Director & Technical Advisor Amr Shabana. The initiative, supported by the CIB Foundation and held in association with the Egyptian Red Crescent and Logain Foundation, aims to give underprivileged children and those with special needs access to sports facilities and to let them explore and develop their athletic capabilities.

Al Ahram Squash Open: CIB was proudly the exclusive bank sponsor for the tournament, which aimed at reviving the Al Ahram Squash Open that was suspended for the last 10 years.

Partnering with Omar Samra: This year, CIB supported the new “Your Space” initiative launched by Egyptian entrepreneur Omar Samra, which aims to develop the scientific talents of Egyptian youth. This initiative represents an innovative experience to promote the culture of space science among students at schools and universities. The objective is to stimulate the development of engineering, science, technology and mathematics curriculums and pique students’ interests in not only exploring space, but also making it their future profession. Various special contests, such as designing a spaceship or a city for humans on another planet or moon, were organised for students to compete and excel.

In the context of partnership with Samra, CIB supported the young adventurer in his expedition to Antarctica. The most significant achievement of this adventure was Samra’s successful climbing of three mountains that had never been climbed before (first ascents). Samra raised the Egyptian flag along with CIB’s, the main expedition sponsor, thereby declaring an unprecedented and historic achievement that truly demonstrates the distinctive skills and ambition of Egyptian youth pursuing their dreams.